Nurturing Arts

Nurturing Arts is a process dedicated to bringing the artistic experience to individuals in a group setting as a source of personal and social renewal.  

This activity is based on the artistic indications of Rudolf Steiner and seeks to enhance the innate restorative forces that are found within creative endeavors

- bringing balance, nourishment and strength to one's inner life. This process serves our need to experience and express beauty while developing creative

potential within each individual. 

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy,  Metal Color Light Therapy and Anthroposophical Activities               +1-720-390-8388                  601 Sopris Ave,  Carbondale, CO. USA  81623 

Art Therapy,  Metal  Color Light Therapy and Anthroposophic Activities  

Metal Color Light Therapy (MCLT)

​MCLT has a history based in Schwörstadt, Germany where it originated in 2001 as a research project and has been developing ever since at the Lichtblick e.V Foundation: ( Marianne Altmaier developed this therapy, through her longing as an Anthroposophical art therapist, to find ways that would enable the healing qualities of color to be experienced more intensely through natural sunlight. She was inspired by the large colored glass windows of the Goetheanum building in Dornach, Switzerland and also by those of Chartres Cathedral in France.

The colors of the glass panels come about through the addition of metal oxides or chlorides to the substance of the glass mixture produced by Lucien Turci and then potentized through being carefully etched. In various studies, with  healthy volunteers and patients, the impact of the glass was researched, both qualitatively and quantitatively as reported in the book Metallfarblichttherapie "Metal Color Light Therapy" by Marianne Altmaier (Mayer-Verlag, Stuttgart 2010). When placed in front of natural light, the sun light conveys to the observer the qualities of the metals transformed into color. Since 2001 this therapy has been used in the Filder Clinic and Raphael House in Stuttgart, Germany; the Vidar Klinik in Jarna, Sweden; in the Institute of Curative Education in Burghalde, Germany; and in two National Health Service Clinics, the Blackthorn Medical Centre and the Helios Medical Center in the UK.  

Metal Color Light Therapy is now being introduced, for the first time, in private practice to individuals in the United States at the Helios Center in Carbondale, Colorado through the use of glass panels acquired from Germany. Additional glass panels are also being introduced on the East Coast in Standish, Maine where Lisa Edge is also in private practice as a MCLT therapist. 

Individuals who experience this therapy report changes and improvement in warmth, sleep, pain levels and overall wellness. Each MCLT session becomes a salutogenic pathway towards deeply touching the soul, releasing anxious moods that have been created by the stresses of our modern day-to-day life. Observing these panels can result in creating healthy resolutions and positive feelings of confidence in one’s life.​ Metal color light therapy is also used to provide an important complement to other therapeutic and palliative approaches


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