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Description of the MCLT Profession:  Requirements

The metal color light therapy training is a course of further education for already qualified Anthroposophic therapists who are presently working in some form of therapeutic discipline such as art, music, eurythmy, medical and remedial education. These Anthroposophic professions have developed a relationship to the metals through working with color, musical scales, planetary forces and/or medicine. The action of the metals as worked with in MCLT is relayed to trainees by building on their own initial experiences.

Training Application: Lichtblick e.V. Schwörstadt Hauptstraße 130, 79739 Schwörstadt, Germany. Tel: +49 7762 80 50 80   e-mail: friedlinde.meier@metallfarblicht.de  
or e-mail: lichtblick@metallfarblicht.de    Website: http://www.metallfarblicht.de/en

In America contact:  Lisa Edge, Metal Color Light Therapist,  Art Therapist     
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Helena Hurrell, Metal Color Light Therapist,  Art Therapist
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Art Therapy,  Metal  Color Light Therapy and Anthroposophic Activities  

The Training - A new  Cohort Beginning Summer 2023

MCLT is currently in a phase of training practitioners to apply this therapy in a variety of settings. The aim of this training, as further education, is for trainees to become familiar with the effects of metal color light therapy. In the course of the training, the students’ senses develop an awareness for particular qualities of light, warmth, substance and dynamics. Their sense perceptions become enlivened through bodily-soul-spiritual experiences. This gives the trainees viewpoints on how to use metal color light in therapy with patients/clients who are troubled by, to name a few, psychological challenges, trauma, hardening processes, anxiety, hyperactivity, fear and physical pain. An informed use of the therapy can help patients experience enlivened life forces, rebuild inner trust and gain solutions for their individual destiny questions. It is the intent of the course to develop in the trainees an openness for these human questions of life and to find ways to work beneficially with these thoughts as a practicing therapist.

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 It is in relation to their respective previous training that students gain knowledge, experience and insight into the effects of the metal forces transformed into colored glass. Their individual trainings have a mutually inspiring, opening and awakening effect upon one another. Questioning/research and motivating each other as an approach to life and work are stimulated and practiced.

 -  An interview is required.

 -  A diploma or certificate of completion of professional training

-  A curriculum vitae 

 -  A concise description of one’s motivation for deciding to join the training

The Training Course Length and Details

Marianne Altmaier’s original concept for the training will form the basis of the fourth training course planning to begin in the summer 2023. The course will be instructed by: 

Friedlinde Meier: Director of coordination and development of the metal color light therapy training, therapeutic eurythmist, life and social counselor.
Hazel Adams: Metal color Light Therapist,  Art Therapist.
Lucien Turci, Co-founder of metal color light therapy, glass maker, engraver, sculptor. 
Instruction also by the co-workers of the Lichtblick Association and qualified metal color light therapists at various seminar sites with doctors and teachers from these locations.

Length of Training

The training is three years long. Each year will have two modules, an autumn and spring module. Every autumn module, the first module of the new training year, lasts 7 days and takes place in the Glasatelier Lichtblick e.V. In Schwörstadt, Germany near Basel, Switzerland.
The Spring modules of each year will also be 7 days in length. This will take place in locations where the metal color light therapy is being used.
During the autumn module, at the beginning of the second and third years, the trainees present their written independent year’s project orally to one another. Their subject is always relevant to the theme of the individual year. 

The total time of the 6 training modules: 300-330 hours
The total time for independent study: 400 hours
The total time for internships: 200 hours
The total time for yearly written projects : 600 hours   

In total: 1,500 hours